Royal Rose PDX 

Natural Smoke 

About us

What is Royal Rose PDX?


Our products are sweet-smelling, Natural Smoke TM alternatives.

Roll Your Own, Rose Petal blunt wrap and paperless cones are handmade, organic, and food-grade products - made with passion. 

They are diverse and versatile yet so easy to use. You can roll whatever you like as a natural alternative to rolling papers.

We are members of the Oregon Flower Association. Therefore our roses are from local or sustainable farmers. We believe in sustainability and using all parts of the rose including the stem. We are an eco-friendly locally owned and operating in Portland, OR




It has to be said - we want to keep this planet safe and clean. The company is a sustainable and carbon footprint conscience. Our mission is to recycle, reduce, and reuse.

One way we recycle, reduce and reuse is by buying roses wholesale from the Portland Flower Market there is no plastic used, only cardboard used for transporting roses. One unique thing is instead of buying packers for the paperless cones that usually come with cones, like Raw - or the wood packers, we are using the stem as the packer for the Pre-rolls. I created a patent-pending, secret ingredient, that holds these rose blunts together. We did our research and found out that shrink wrap is compostable not to be composted but is made from natural sources like wood pulp. Our packaging is 90% recyclable or reusable. We use plastic tubes for our RYO and PC. Please reuse the tube, rinse, or store your rose blunts for future light-ups. it’s easy to carry, lightweight, and easy to store.


Future of the company

We are for the people! Our goal is to be a part of your community. We want to be involved in donating to charities. We will soon like to be fundraising, campaigning, and mentoring for many charities close to our hearts.


Meet the owner

Ciara J. Waters is a native of the City of Roses. She grew up around the enchanting smell & enduring beauty of the Rose flower in her grandmother's garden. She believes that a rose has as many powerful benefits, as much as it is fragrant, colorful, and aromatic. Roses are a mood booster, naturally uplifting your spirits plus many other great uses.